My top 5 tips for an eco friendly food shop..

We visited our local community Gardens today.

The Ark Community Gardens in Newcastle co Down is a lovely wee haven just outside the town on a relatively small piece of land. But they sure do pack a lot in! They have a couple of poly tunnels with veg and herbs, a spacious chicken run, a small cabin gift shop, and a large selection of outdoor plants. The Ark also has other hut’s and tunnels for community groups to come together and make use of. A simple yet wonderful asset to the local area.

Our main reason for our trip was to purchase some locally grown organic veg. Which we did. 2 large leeks (the height of my 4 year old!) 3 Bunch’s of scallions, a couple large onions and a bag of peas in their pod (is there anything more satisfying than cracking open a pod?)

Going to a place like this and buying veg was good for the soul indeed! Not to mention reducing our carbon footprint by buying local produce.

So here are my 5 top tips for an eco friendly food shop..

  1. As talked about here, buy local as much as possible. That doesn’t mean pop round to the nearest Spar in your slippers! Instead, find a farm shop or gardens near you that sells home grown veg (if organic then even better!), The produce tends to be a lot cheaper and fresher too. The same applies to meat, buy from a butcher who sources meat locally. (Or go veggie/vegan for the win! – which I will be talking about in another post soon).
  2. Bring your own bags. This is an obvious one but I find it so ridiculous that people are still buying those 5p bags. I like to keep a selection of bags in a bag in the car, an easy habit to get into.
  3. Reuse fruit bags or sandwich bags for fruit and veg. These come in handy when going to the farm shops or gardens and again I’ll have a few in my bag bag in the car.
  4. Bring your own lunch box/containers to get filled at the deli counter instead of buying prepacked goods. For example I get coleslaw and salad type things put into my own tub. Most places are very obliging, I haven’t been refused yet.
  5. Go for glass or cardboard before plastic. Where possible choose products that are in jars, boxes or paper bags in favour of plastic tubs and contsiners.

There you have it, 5 simple yet effective little tips. If we all implemented these things just think of the difference we would make!

Happy shopping folks

Jen 💚🌱

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